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Welcome to our dental Care

Garnish Dental Clinic is a modern and hi-tech dental clinic in Indore, India. Our Focus is to provide quality and comfortable dental care services to all patients based in Indore.

With 5 years` experience working with children and teens

Over the years our belief has been that teeth & oral tissues can be taken at any stage of destruction and restored to a comfortable, functioning & beautiful set of teeth We are available 24/7 round the clock, to deal with all kinds of dental emergencies. We offer house call dental care for those in need..

Treatments & Prices
Rs 4000 (First time)
Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures
Rs 2000 (First time)
Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is necessary when the centre part within the tooth, known as the pulp, housing the blood vessels, nerves and living connective tissues, become infected or inflamed..
Rs 25000 (First time)
Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums.
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Dr. Kalpana Tomar

We care your smile

Dr. Abhilasha

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